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Subject: Fw: National Post "story"

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:27:31 -0400 [Note the date: the day after the reporter launched the assault on Mr. Adams, and on ECMAS, through her telephone calls. (Many more details of her actions are yet to come.)]


for your info.  Hatred is overflowing in the city, and they hate me for

exposing the problem more than they hate the problem. This is a weird town.



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Keep sticking your head in the sand, bob, you do that well.  I won't be

sending you any more messages, after this one




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As per Carolyn VanEe, [Alluding to an e-mail just sent by Ms. VanEe (the former president, in which she cut

off communication with Ms. Malenfant over what she and the reporter were doing), the current president said this:]


Please do not copy me on any further correspondence.


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